Brings back good memories


i was at the mall with some friends and we were eating in the public cafeteria.

my friend brought the up the idea of whistling really loud but he decided not to.

spontaneously, I decided to yell at the top of my lungs lol

every turned their heads to look at us

my friends got flustered/embarrassed

the cafeteria workers asked if I was okay and if I needed help; I looked at them and ignored them as I continued eating my food.

my friends were giving me a hard time trying to shame me into why I’d do such a thing.

I just shrugged

it was funny to me

there’s a delivery guy that stops by to drop off medications we ordered. he shows up first thing in the morning.

every time I open the gates, he repeats the lines (every single day lol)

“whats up, doctor, how’s it going, nice to see you”

and then if i’m wearing an article of clothing he hasn’t seen before he says,

“nice (X clothing), you get it from Korea?”

every single time.


Woke up this morning feeling like a 100 year old man; my body just didn’t want to move. I laid there for 30 mins before mustering enough strength to take a shower.

Went to McDonalds this morning to order a McMuffin.

Realized my debit card was lost….Again.

Walk into work. Coworker calls in sick.


One of those days