Full Circle


They say you’re not the same person today as you were yesterday, and I’d say that’s true.

As the new year is coming, 2018, I’ve realized that its been almost 4 years since graduating from school in 2014 wow.

I’d say in those 4 years, I’ve worked on myself a lot; mostly through trial and error finding out my “real self”.  Here’s a general summary of me

Pre 2014:  Nice Peter
2014: Angry Peter
2015: Inspired Peter
2016: Depressed Peter
2017: Savage Peter

Now that 2018 is approaching, I’m noticing I’m becoming the “Nice Peter” again, but it’s coming from a slightly different place this time;  it’s like the difference between being inspired to do something vs. being dragged to do something.

After going through a lot of stuff over the 4 years, it’s like some impurities have been burned off, and the good things have been kept.

It’s like I’ve come full circle back to the “real me”

Now what’s in store for 2018?

Hopefully the “have this blog long enough to record it,” Peter 🙂


Big Mac

Last night I came back home feelin self-defeated,  I decided to end my misery the old fashioned way; Mcdonalds.


I went to the drive through and ordered my usual; No. 1 aka Big Mac, fries, and a coke.  I felt like I was getting drugs from a drug dealer; after all, I *try* to be conscientious of what I put inside my temple.

I immediately come back home, like a child in a candy shop, and throw the Big Mac and Fries onto the table.

I felt like I was about to snort a line of cocaine, anticipating the high that was about to follow.   And for about 5 minutes, it was magnificent.  For 5 minutes, I forgot about the night.

But with every high, there’s a fall.   I just felt like crap afterward and fell into a coma.

Pho and Bitcoin

After winning some money in blackjack ($70), I felt confident, walking around the casino like a Chinese billionaire, even though I’m Korean, not Chinese.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate my winnings by indulging in some pho.

While waiting for my pho (rare beef and tendon soup), an older Korean man popped out of the shadows, who enthusiastically approached me like he was trying to evangelize me.

I tried to slurp my soup while he was going off with a twinkle in his eye, telling me about bitcoin and how it went from $2000 to $17,000 in value in less than a year and how I should look into investing in it.

Some other Korean lady was there (his wife?) and she gave me her card to her hair salon and invited me for a discounted haircut.   She also told me girls from South Korea would instantly fly over and form a line to marry me if I invested in bitcoin.

Hmm sounds compelling.  Maybe these are the stars perfectly aligning telling me to invest in bitcoin?




Hello everyone.

I decided to write a blog post to give a better/thorough explanation.

First of all, don’t freak out, it’s not what you think.

I know it’s getting colder out here in Michigan, and it’d be nice to have someone warm to cuddle with, but this is NOT what this is for.

It’s for dancing and to help me visualize certain moves (especially the arms).

After telling some friends and family members about Elizabeth many of them freaked out.

My mom and dad, for instance, were silent and had a look of disbelief.

When I told my brother what it was for, he said “Sure.”

And when I told my friend, she said “It’s okay, we all have needs.”


Yall can believe whatever you guys want,  see if I care.